From Mitch: Our first step in rewarding loyalty

In the two months since the launch of BBN First, we’ve been listening. Now it’s time to begin turning all that feedback into action.

A few common themes have already emerged as we’ve sorted through your suggestions, but there’s one that sticks out to me as something that we need to address immediately: rewarding loyalty.

There isn’t a fan base in the world more loyal than the Big Blue Nation. Today, we begin an ongoing effort to recognize and reward that.

As a first step, we are announcing a K Fund priority point bonus for football season ticket holders who have been with us for three or more consecutive years, including 2014. The bonus will start at 15 points for those who have purchased season tickets since the 2012 season and go all the way up to 75 points for fans who have purchased season tickets since the 2000 season or earlier according to the following scale.

Last 15+ years – 75 points
Last 14 years – 70 points
Last 13 years – 65 points
Last 12 years – 60 points
Last 11 years – 55 points
Last 10 years – 50 points
Last 9 years – 45 points
Last 8 years – 40 points
Last 7 years – 35 points
Last 6 years – 30 points
Last 5 years – 25 points
Last 4 years – 20 points
Last 3 years – 15 points

As you know, K Fund priority points are very important right now because the order in which fans select their seats for 2015 in The New CWS will be based on K Fund priority ranking as of June 30, 2014. Our Fan Experience Committee designed this reward as a way to show fans who have stayed with us how much they matter. In total, more than 8,000 accounts will receive point bonuses in their K Fund accounts by the end of the month.

We believe this is a meaningful reward, but it’s only a start in recognizing fan loyalty across all 22 of our sports. This summer we are going to work through the details of what a new loyalty rewards program will look like.

That’s where you come in.

We have some exciting thoughts about what this program can become, but we need your help. What does loyalty mean to you? What kind of rewards would you like to see? What do you think the program should be called? Send in your suggestions using the contact form on or by emailing

This season has been a fun ride. We’re on pace for our best finish ever in the national all-sports standings and we know it would not have been possible without the Big Blue Nation. We want to make sure we show that in everything we do.

‘Til the Battle Is Won,
Mitch Barnhart

21 thoughts on “From Mitch: Our first step in rewarding loyalty

  1. Jeff Redmond

    Just want to thank you for setting up a program that will benefit fans that have supported football with passion and dedication as we move forward into an exciting new era of Wildcat Football.

  2. Hart Megibben

    I would go further back than 15 years. My mother and uncle have had season tickets since at least 1964. They have endured a lot of bad performances in that time. Also, they have never sold their tickets or parking passes to opponents’ fans. Nevertheless they are being kicked out of the blue parking lot where they have parked since the stadium opened. It would be great to come up with a “disloyalty” point system where so called fans that do sell their tickets and parking passes to the opponents’ fans lose points. It will be insulting to those true UK fans who are losing their parking passes or being downgraded due to financial inability to make large donations, at future games, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, etc. fans will be in the prime reserved parking lots tailgaiting and having a good time while long time and often elderly UK fans are trekking by either going to or coming from the stadium to their parking spots in the far reaches of campus.

  3. Bill Brown

    Mitch, we sure could use some extra points for our 44 years as football season ticket holders and a blue parking pass (as we previously had) instead of purple.

  4. Guy Ramsey Post author

    For those wondering why we stopped at 15 years, that was because our system only allows us to accurately tell how long fans have purchased season tickets dating back to the year 2000. We are currently working on ways we can recognize those who have had season tickets for even longer.

  5. Grafton Black

    Great step in the right direction! Thanks Mitch! Have seen some good and some bad in my 23 seasons with season football tix! Started with seats during the Bill Curry era. GO CATS!! Get it done in 2014 and BEYOND! GB

  6. Claude Keene

    I’ve had season football tickets since 1980 season, with the exception of two seasons (2011 & 2012) due to a family tragedy. Will this interruption invalidate my participation in this K Fund priority point bonus program?

    1. Jim Goodin

      I’ve had football season tickets since 1988 season, with the exception of 2012. Will this interruption invalidate my inclusion to the K-fund priority point bonus program?

  7. Guy Ramsey Post author

    To be eligible for the priority point bonus, you must have purchased season tickets for at least the last three consecutive years. Unfortunately, any interruptions reset the clock.

  8. Unseld

    Thanks for the info Guy, do you know when the points will be applied so we can see our new ranking on the KFund site?

  9. David Harrod

    Mitch, I like the way you treat fans in such an equal and transparent way. I know the next year will be difficult with construction eating up the parking spaces for a while. I am very confident that the disruptions are being handled as fairly as possible. You have a proven reputation.
    I have been doing all I can to improve my K-Fund ranking and encourage everyone else to do the same. It’s a win/win for the fans and BBN. Go Cats!

  10. Steve radcliffe

    I have found one ticket stub from 1977. We started season tickets in 1974. Why not go over to the indoor facility and find my name on the wall as a contributor. 15 years is nice but it’s a long way from my real loyalty.

    Of course, thank you for this boost. We appreciate your trying.

  11. Claude Keene

    Mr. Barnhart,
    I feel compelled to protest the policy created to leave out loyal UK Football fans from the “Rewarding Loyalty” program because they did not maintain consecutive season tickets for the past three years (I would really like to know how the arbitrary number of 3 years was obtained!). 32 of the past 34 seasons, my brother and I have spent our fall weekends attending UK football games at Commonwealth Stadium and several “away” venues; loyalty like this is not uncommon for UK Football fans. However, this does leave a bitter aftertaste for those who have stayed “loyal” to the program through good times and not so good times for such a long time.
    My brother and I experienced traumatic family issues in 2010 and these issues created situations that would prevent us from committing our fall weekends in 2011 and 2012.
    2013 brightened somewhat and we renewed our season tickets then. Spring, 2014 we again renewed our season tickets.
    Now the loyalty program is announced. For persons maintaining 94% loyalty since 1980 this seems more like a PENALTY program instead of a loyalty program.
    94% rates an “A” for loyal fans AND inclusion in the Rewarding Loyalty program, in my opinion!

    1. Guy Ramsey Post author

      We understand your concerns and frustration given the circumstances under which you could not purchase season tickets in 2011 and 2012, but this bonus is just the start of a loyalty program that will extend far beyond K Fund points or consecutive seasons holding tickets. Unfortunately, we had to institute a policy for this first phase that would work across the board.

  12. Jim Crouch

    Looks like the loyalty points mean absolutely nothing when it comes to parking, the big bucks gets you the choice parking spots so you can leave early if the weather is bad or the home team is getting blown out. Why could you not wait to assign parking until these loyalty points were assigned. Makes me wonder why I was still sitting in freezing rain during Joker’s last game with my daughter and her friends while all the fat cats were somewhere else supposedly supporting their team. When all of the games are on TV with the new SEC T V package I wonder how many true fans will show up to watch the games, I hope they are the ones who took my green parking pas that I have had for 10 plus years, enjoy!

    1. Guy Ramsey Post author

      We understand your frustration, but the fact that the loyalty bonus points were rewarded after parking was assigned was a matter of timing alone. The parking process was nearing its conclusion right around the time when BBN First launched and well before any discussions of this new loyalty program. The good news is that the loyalty bonus will still benefit you in next year’s parking process.

      1. J

        Does that mean parking passes will be completely reassigned again for 2015 forward based off of K-Fund rank at that time?

        1. Guy Ramsey Post author

          With the new practice facility and other surrounding projects on the horizon, the parking situation in 2015 and beyond is fluid. It’s still too early to say what the process will be going forward.


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